Conservation and Restoration

Our spacious and well equipped workshops, with a team of fully qualified clock, watch and chronometer makers, provide a full conservation and sympathetic restoration service for marine chronometers, regulators, technical & complicated pocket watches, and table, bracket and carriage clocks.

We are delighted to provide clients, upon inspection of the piece(s) concerned, with detailed quotes for any work required. There may be a small charge for this depending on the complexity, and/or partial disassembly, of the piece to ascertain a realistic appraisal. If the work is then undertaken, these costs will be refunded. All completed pieces are accompanied by detailed photographs of work in progress, and where applicable, data & rating sheets. Written insurance valuations can also be supplied.


Historically, Frodshams have manufactured and/or finished virtually every form of precision horological instrument, and today uphold this tradition by being as autonomous as we have ever been. Our ‘in-house’ manufactory maintains the capability to make small and medium batch production pieces, and special one-off commissions, of precision clocks, watches and chronometer timekeepers (see Commissions & Wristwatch sections of the website). In addition, we occasionally undertake research and development projects on behalf of other industry disciplines requiring the expertise of the watchmaker.