Throughout part of the 19th Century and all of the 20th Century, Frodshams have publicised their available products and services through newspaper, journal, pamphlet and flyer advertising.
Illustrated here are some of the more interesting period pieces from a firm that has been in existence for over 170 years.

Advertisement placed in Ballou’s Pictorial, Boston, announcing the appointment of Simon Willard as the USA agent for Charles Frodsham.

Advertisement placed in The Bystander, December 1912

Advertisement from The Graphic, June 1897.

Reproduced from a Scottish newspaper, 1911.

Advertisement for the first of a series of miniature clocks, Horological Journal, December 1947.

Advertisement placed in Antiquarian Horolgy, September 1964, announcing Frodshams as the agents for the then new Bullova Accutron wristwatch.